The Story

My name is Nathan, and I enjoy making things, whether out of wood, fabric, metal, or electrons.

I came from a very DIY family.  We built things and fixed things ourselves, so that always just seemed normal. I was taught how and encouraged to use the power tools, and I learned to sew at around ten years old (and promptly forgot it for the 24 years following).

At first my creations were mostly for myself—I wanted something and had an idea about how to make it better than one that could be bought, or I wanted something and it didn't exist at all.

Eventually, though, people started wanting what I was making. So I started HaHaBird as a way to sell and brand my work (and to keep all the accounting straight).

The Work

Some things I make to sell, some things I make for fun, some things I make to challenge myself, and some things I make in order to teach and share. In all cases, though, I'm committed to craftsmanship and honest materials, while balancing utility with good design.

I have a role in the making or design of every piece I sell here. Some start in my head and finish in my own hands, and others I contract out for the production steps I'm not able to do. If you have any questions about the work behind a piece, please ask. 

I would love to talk about any ideas for custom work that you have. Send me a note!

The Name

When I was a young boy it sounded to me like the crows were laughing, so I called them ha-ha birds. Coupled with the fact that crows are some of the most clever birds around, the name seemed like a good fit.  

On my shop wall I still have this postcard from my grandfather—sent to me when I was two—that mentions them.